Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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healer21 said...

thanks bill, that's really cool to be on your site!
a few days ago i studied your blog and was fascinated, yesterday i made my first experiences and today one of my second-day-sculptures found its way to your blog. great!

rock on

baltic sea

to balance stones let your soul increase

Unknown said...

I just discovered your art. I love it - both the balancing and the photos with the beautiful city in the background.

Please start a page on facebook.
I will be your first fan !

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan,

I'm very impressed from your work!

I like to show you my trials:

Antonius Koester, Germany

Eddie Ruminski said...

Hi Bill,

I have long been inspired by your work ever since I started to do rock balancing myself about 5 months ago.

I am happy to say the city of Oakville in which I live in is showing much interest in this activity ever since I began balancing in the local parks. I hope to introduce many people to your site and art as possible so that they might become as inspired as I have.

I have put up a new site for this stone earth art which is a starting point for me to post some pictures.

Thank you very much for all your great work! Rock on!

Eddie Ruminski

Bill Dan said...

Right On Everybody . . . . lets have fun with the ART . . . and keep in touch . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, what a GREAT website with phenomenal rock sculptures!!!! Unbeleavable! We may say this, knowing about the difficulties of stone balancing. Here are some of our little tries:

Good luck against gravity :-))

Julia & Roman from Germany.

Bill Dan said...

Thank's Julia & amp . . . I love Your work - the Images are all Super . . . . [ if You had any images on flickr please let Me know so I can uplinked them easily on the blog ]
My email is