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Balanced Rocks : from nature to Art

What began as a geological mystery in the form of ancient rocks stacked upon each other in curious poses has now become an art form around the world. The skill of rock or stone balancing is gaining attention from California to the UK to New Zealand, as visitors make their way to various sites to take in this impressive art form in its natural state.

The idea of rock balancing does not lend itself to something aesthetically beautiful and yet the creations of such artists such as are stunning to behold. Now visitors can enjoy these.

Nature Geological Mystery

Around the world there are colossal rocks that teeter precariously over each other, surviving storms and drought. They are reminders that that the landscape was once different, as the rocks were surrounded by other natural materials that wore away over time, leaving these giants in fascinating poses that seem so unlikely. They are know as PBRs, or, according to the University of California. Lisa Grand Ludwig, an assistant professor there,is researching the position of some of these PBRs close to the San Andreas Fault, where You would least  expect to see them still standing. Ludwig claims that balancing rocks are generally rare close to fault lines, making the San Andreas rocks a mystery. Some of the rocks have been balancing there for as many as 18,000 years, which adds to the puzzle. Ludwig and he colleagues think that it is because that particular pocket close to the fault is a complex area in the rupture zone, but they are continuing to research the mystery of these colossal rocks and their balancing act so close to such a notorious earthquake zone.

Hundreds of balanced rocks can be spotted close to each other in some parts of California, where water has eroded the bedrock around them. The granite blocks are stacked up high above the ground in striking poses that attract visitors to photograph them. GeologistsJamesBrune and Dylan Rood have been exploring balanced rocks in the deserts of California and Nevada and explain that some of the rocks stand 5 meter high and can weigh over 15,000 kilograms.

The geologists have discovered that where balanced rocks have fallen or broken is a good indication of where there have been strong earthquake and this is what makes balanced rocks so interesting for them. Where records might trace back over 150 years, the rocks can tell us the rest of the story, from thousands years ago. Rood believes that some of the rocks date back to the Ice Age, when there were large lake across the Mojave desert. This would mean that the rocks have been standing for around 15 to 20,000 years, making them older than the Egyptian Pyramids.

Rocks Balancing Sites and Events

There are many natural rock and stone balancing sites worldwide that are well worth seeing, from Balanced Rock, Colorado to Nova Scotia in Canada, and from Idol Rock in North Yorkshire,UK, to El Torcal de Antequera in Andalucia, Spain. These sites have become  a phenomenon around the globe and are photographed by the public and artists alike for their inspirational, impressive outlines against the skies.
Frequent travelers enjoy visiting these sites and capturing these sculptures on film, as they male striking gifts for friends and family who want something a little different as a momento.
that can also be personalized, are both imaginative and evocative.

Many visitors to the trails create their own stone balancing sculptures and leave for others to enjoy. In the U.S. there are wealth of trails to visit and rock balancing art scenes to enjoy, all within easy access of those with a flair for adventure and who want something a little different to experience.

Oregon features natural balanced rocks on trail,
where a lava flow destroyed the material around and beneath them. The result is a stunning site worth trekking over for photography opportunities, where you can capture the eerie balancing act of these huge rocks. Artists and the general public also stack rocks along the trail as a sort of homage to the ancient lava trail  and the forest service has created a tourist attraction here. To reach the balanced rock trail, head north of central Oregon on highway 97 and follow the directions to Cove Palisades State Park.

Sept 21st sees the Back West Celebration of Stone Balancing event take place Flagstaff, Arizona.
Entry is free and the event opens at 8am and close at 9pm. It is the second one of its kind and celebrates the art of stone balancing as representing peace and harmony worldwide. The Arboretum at Flagstaff has conservation and appreciation of plants at its heart and features events that support the natural environment 
of Colorado. It also has research and environmental education center.

In Fayetteville, Arkansas, rock-balancing sculptures have appeared on the banks of the lake and have been photographed in the press. They were discovered by a walker who likened the to a Easter egg trail. The art for has become popular thanks to artists such as Adrian Gray and Bill Dan and it seems it is growing day by day, with any anonymous sculptures appearing on trails across the U.S and globally.

Lisa Bradshaw

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