Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Balancing Rocks II

I have been Balancing Rocks for a while now [ since 1994 ]. Along with other people, We offer our work and passion to the World.
Check out [ www.rock-on-rock-on.com ]


Graham Robertson said...

Congratulations on such an amazing hoax. Particularly in the sleight of hand used in the video clips. Losing visual contact with the rocks on 'A Better Angle' and allowing visual special effects to simulate actual rocks in your hand is very effective. Static, undynamic camerawork helps too. Allowing you to avoid panning around your sculptures. Clever.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Here comes another "Johny come lately" The Man is an Artist legent in San Francisco - for Years He takes His time to show The Art OUT DOORS in front of thousand of People - He has been exposed internationaly on Network TVS in Germany, France, Japan [ where He Won the anually selection of Fuji TV as the Best of the Best], in The Phipines, Korea [check out www.sbs.co.kr ] search for Bill Dan Balancing Rocks.
Not to mention Local TVs, etc
Wake Up Man . . .

Anonymous said...

I live in Oakland - across the Bay from San Francisco, over the years whenever I have time, I had to go to SF to see Bill Balancing Rocks.
Advice to Graham : I understand Your "confussion" - Come to SF or Sausalito and witness the Best Art in Town being Performed.
You can also contact or check out SF Chronicles - They did a number of Nice articles about Bill's Art,
or You can call most of the TV stations in the area : KPIX did expose Bill'w twice already on Evening Magazine, KQED, KNTV, KRON,
Univison, GLOBO's Brazil,
Good Luck,


saetche said...

dear bill
its amazing to watch this pics
i was also doing this kind o stuff long time ago
i had nearly forgotten is that imaginable??tststs-
and i learned about from a buddhist monch,i met..no joke
i live in berlin/germany
and just wanna tell you how it makes my heart swing to read about people like you guys
and it brings back in my mind what i miss
its a great gift you have and its nice to see you share it

saetche said...

and my english is like crap ;o)

Albert DiPadova said...


Stacking rocks gradually
positions my fear and confidence
into a precarious balance
of satisfaction.

A. DiPadova 2006

hobblogs said...

Dear Bill,

If the World's Population could progress itself with such a steady thought and hand as yours in order to maintain a balance in all things, there would be a greater tendency towards:

Unity of Form and purpose

Thank you for your work.

Your Journey may seem crisply simply to many but for those with Spirit your creations are easy to understand ... although you do have one photograph showing a seagull(August 1998)sitting on the top of a balanced collection - was this taken just before a 'fall' ? If anyone reading this can answer that you can get in touch with me via my blogger page or my web site which has a few stones on it 'in balance' but not 'balanced' in such a way that any slight earth tremble or wind gust would upset them unduly (Your welcome to see my stones at http://www.thehobb.tv/postings/000126.php)

If you haven't seen the Works of Andy Goldsworthy, look him up on google as I think you'll find they will interest you.

Best Wishes for balance in all things - especially at the moment (07 Feb.2006) amidst a few problems over some Middle East Belief Systems . Hopefully all religions one day will also work towards achieving balance rather than aiming for domination - maybe all extreemists should spend more time understanding stones and caring for Mother Earth rather than the quality of their own life after they meet their 'maker'?

Grant of the HoBB Gardens and Project House

pwax said...


Stop on over and visit http://rockpiles.blogspot.com

There are Native American ceremonial rock piles all over in New England. This relates a little to what you are doing.

Best wishes: PWAX

Members4u said...

Look I have have posted your work at my blog. Amazing!
Mine is at ceritaapasaja.blogspot.com.


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Rockitoomee said...

Hi Bill, your work is inspirational. Your meditations on mass are amazing to see. i've begun working with some stones in my backyard after getting hooked on a dry riverbed one weekend. Then I see your work and I know what to shoot for. Come by and see at rockitoomee.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bill-

I wanted to let you know that we are streaming your segment from KQED's Spark TV show at:


Anonymous said...

Hey there bill! just wanted to say your work is really inspiring, amazing stuff! I tried it myself, you make it look alot easier than it is haha. It'd be neat if you posted more often on your blog, about your life and stuff, I'm sure peeps would be interested. : ) take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi we were you in Seward Alaska July 21-23 we saw a display of several sculptures near a tent in the camp grounds there. I wonder was it you?
I'm from Minnesota amazing.

Geologychick said...

It is really hard to see the music credits. Could you post what they are? I like it!

TreeSloth said...

Mr. Dan...
Your art has inspired me...
I've been a career firefighter for 21 years and I'm very "visual". Lately, stress had been getting the best of me and has led to personal, destructive behavior that just isn't "me".
I'm getting help and moving back to a better path in life. My brother sent me a link to your site because it looked "cool"... I saw peace. I don't know why, but I felt peace. I had to try it myself.
I've since been to Yosemite, the coast and several other places to stack the stones. With each stone comes focus, peace and joy. I'm getting better at it, but that's not my point... I do it for release... release of stress from seeing too much death and sadness over the years.
Thank you for your website and sharing your beautiful work. I hope to visit you at one of you stacking locations.

Oakdale, Ca

TreeSloth said...

Mr. Dan invited me to post a link to photos of my work. So, here it is. I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you for the inspiration, Mr. Dan.
Oakdale, Ca

Anonymous said...

i just happened to see you at aquatic park yesterday. i'd seen you on kqed, but it was even better in person. thank you for the wonder you bring into this world!

JHN67@aol.com said...

Have you check out how long each piece stays balenced? Sorry I missed the spell check.

Bill said...

Thank's Guys for visiting My blogs - Thank's for the nice words

Anonymous said...

Bill, I saw You on Herman Miller design Magazine this fall edition [ See Magazine : check out -hermanmiller.com ] Center Piece - Wow - Outdoors and Indoor Pieces, Black and White ; Colors : Abssolutely Marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Please add a sign up list to your site so we can find out when your DVD's are available again!!!

I've seen your work, and you rock!


Anonymous said...

Ciao Bill
I am a new italian rockbalancer. I beghin to stack tre months ago after seeing your fantastic balance.I am a flickr friend (rebranca46) of many stackers and I hope to become like you. Happy new Year

who said...

just found the site "rock on rock on" and saw the photos "Portuguese Rock Stacking and Balancing"

I was surprised to see them on u'r site...

some I didn't knew...other's yes
...I guess, even though I'm Portuguese...and always have been familiarized with them...didn't make me think much on them...just enjoyded seeing them:))

well, thanks for the different perspective:)))

keep up

Liz said...

Saw you at Sausalito today and LOVED your work. Amazing...

Bill said...

Thank's for all comments - Sorry, sometimes takes Me a while to respond Them - maybe I am just too busy Balancing Rocks - anyway, if You Guys have any questions concerning the Art, feel free to Ask Me = Rock On - Bill Dan